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Training Philosophy

At Alpha-Dog we are behavior-oriented trainers who don't believe there is a specific time or age at which to begin or do training. This is because training your dog will be an on-going, life-long process. You will train your dog everyday and demonstrate your leadership through your dog's compliance with basic obedience commands.

We believe the dog training process should not be a chore or burden made up of artificial training sessions which are boring and time consuming. Training your dog should be and will be a pleasant, fun experience as you incorporate training techniques into your everyday way of living.

As behavior-oriented trainers we do not endorse the use of punishment. Why would you want to knee your dog in the chest when he jumps up or step on his hind feet? Or force him into a submissive position or rub his nose in his potty when he goes in an inappropriate location? There are alternate, more enjoyable methods you can employ to correct unwanted behaviors without punishing your dog.

At Alpha-Dog, we show you how to use alternate techniques to correct those undesirable behaviors which, by the way, are most often natural behavior in a dog's view of the world.

Training the Alpha-Dog way will show you how to incorporate discipline, when needed, to correct unwanted behaviors. Discipline is NOT punishment and dog's respond to discipline, it is something that is required in their life just like exercise and affection.

Alpha-Dog believes two words to be removed from clients' vocabularies are fault and blame.  No one is to blame for a dog's misbehavior, nor is anyone at fault.  When dogs misbehave, they are most often just being dogs.  Indeed, as dog owners, we do the best we can with the knowledge we have, be it from past ownership of a dog, a friends or co-workers advice or suggestions from family members.  For dogs to live in a human world we must teach them the rules and boundaries of our domain so they do not act like "animals".

Indeed, most of the problems we have with our dogs are rooted in the fact that the dog believes they are in control of the pack and not their human counterparts. Through Leadership Training you will become a benevolent Alpha-Leader. The dog doesn't care who is in charge, it's just that in a dog's world there has to be a leader and if one is not perceived by the dog they will assume the role. That's just the way it is in a dog's world!

At Alpha-Dog, we teach you about dogs: what motivates a dog, how a dog learns and perceives its world, we answer the "why" of dog training.  Learn how to train and discipline your dog in a positive way and in a way your dog can relate too.  We do not employ rushed, quick fix methods that do not have a lasting effect. We teach you that patience, persistence, consistency and a proven training technique will get you the everlasting results you desire.

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