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About Alpha-Dog - Earl Preeper, Master Trainer

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Earl has been a Professional Instructor for more than 20 years while employed in a variety of settings, dealing more with issues on the human end of the scale. He has also been working with dogs of various breeds and studying dog behavior and is certified as a Professional Dog Handler/Trainer in basic obedience and basic behavior modification through KNINEPAL DOG TRAINING/BEHAVIOR SPECIALISTS. Earl meticulously studied dog behavior while observing the human interaction between man and dog for several years before practicing as a professional dog trainer.  Earl is considered a Master Trainer/Behaviorist by his colleagues. Earl states, "Working with dogs is fascinating and accelerating, watching their body postures, learning, anticipating what questions come next and how one must respond in order to maintain their human Leadership. This is my passion and what I love to teach people".

Contrary to popular belief that the dog is the problem, the dog is stupid or the dog just doesn’t listen, Alpha-Dog believes that approximately 90 % of dog problems begin at the human end of the leash. Earl’s Degree in Psychology (the study of human behavior) is indeed an asset when dealing with the human obstacle surrounding dog training.

In the past, Earl has been involved as a volunteer for the Special Olympics Summer Games in British Columbia, Canada and also received the Leadership Award in recognition of an outstanding volunteer contribution to the community and people of Simon Fraser University for his work on the Student Leader’s Program. Earl also has numerous certificates for educational programs he underwent while employed in the environmental health and safety profession.

Earl is also an accomplished Ultra Marathoner, completing distances of 30 miles (Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run, Canada's Knarliest 30 Miler - 6 time finisher) up to 100 miles (Cascade Crest Classic 100 Mile Endurance Run - 3 time finisher, Western States 100 Miler - 2 time finisher, "Moe's" The Eagle 100 Miler - 2 time finisher, Angeles Crest 100 Miler - 1 time finisher).  Earl has also completed many race distances between 30 and 100 miles including 50 kilometers (Cle Elum), 50 miles (White River), and 100 kilometers (Mi Wok) to name a few.

Earl’s love for dogs has grown over the years and he too has experienced the frustration when “Rover” won’t do what you want him to do. Through a behavioral approach, however, you can learn how to communicate with your “best friend” in a way that he will understand. You will also become skilled at teaching your family pet that you are a benevolent “Alpha-Leader”. Take the time to eliminate your frustration and enjoy the many benefits your “best friend” can bring to you and your family by contacting “Alpha-Dog” Dog Obedience & Training Consultants today. A positive alternative in dog training that actually works! For more information, please see Alpha-Dog's Philosophy .


Alpha-Dog Dogs - Left to right: Bailey, Lillie Mae, Samuel J, Orbit Avery, Schotzie